COTTM2020展商速递┃ Adunatours:来自西非全新目的地——几内亚比绍



Recently, the organizer of China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market (COTTM) announces that Adunatours has confirmed their participation at COTTM2020. It is the first time for Adunatours to exhibit at COTTM. They welcome all the Chinese outbound buyers/trade visitors to visit their at COTTM2020,which will be held at National Agriculture Exhibition Center in Beijing on 1-3 April, 2020.


The Adunatours is travel and tourism agency, with the objective to promote the cultural tourism, handicraft promoton, the Guinean fashion, solidarity tourism and sensibilization for good practices of tourism.



Cultural tourism promotion, through participation on tourism shows


Organization of tourism travels


Transfer to our sub-region The Gambia and Senegal


Transfer from airport to hotel vice-versa


Assistance in airport


Reservation in hotel


Organization of internal and external tourists tours


Organization of rural tourism travels


Youth, academic and health tourism


Sell of flight ticket


Rent Car


地理位置 Geography


The Republic of Guinea-Bissau is situated in West Africa, between the Senegal (North), the Guinea Conakry (at East and South) and plated by the Atlantic Ocean (at West). It is constituted by a continental and island part. The Archipelagos of Bijagos with around 90 islands from which almost seventeen are inhabited has an extension of around 36.125 km2.

气候 Climate


The Guinea-Bissau has predominantly tropical climate with maritime characteristics, being very hot and humid with two different seasons: the dry season from November to April and the rain season from May to October. The yearly average temperature in the country is 26, 8 degrees. I Guinea-Bissau the freshest months are of December and hottest from March to May. The more rainy months are June and August.

人口 Demography


According the last census of the population of Guinea-Bissau shows 1.530.673 inhabitants and with majority of youth around 49.6 % of the population has less than 18 years and the hope of life is 52 years.

语言 Language


The official language of Guinea-Bissau is Portuguese, although spoken only by 13% of population. The Guinean speak essentially Creole for their daily communication (around 60% of population) or one of the 20 dialects existing in Guinea-Bissau, as Fula, Balanta, Manjack, Mandingo Felupe, Papel, Bijago, Mancanha and Nalu among them.

货币 Currency

1997年5月2日几内亚比绍加入了西非经济和货币联盟,现通用货币是贝宁、布尔基纳法索、科特迪瓦、几内亚比绍使用的CFA法郎。目前有4家商业银行,分别是EcoBank(泛非)、Bao、Orabank、 BDU and Atlantic 银行。

The Guinea-Bissau joined the UEMOA (West African Economica and Moneary Union) on 2 May 1997. The currency is Cfa franc used in Benin, Bulkina Faso, Cote Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Níger, Togo and Senegal. The has presently 4 commercial banks which are Ecobank (Pan-african) , Bao, Orabank, BDU and Atlantic Bank.

2020年9月9-11日Adunatours 将在第十六届中国出境旅游交易会现场为您带来更多关于几内亚比绍旅游的精彩内容,敬请期待!