日前,中国出境旅游交易会(COTTM)主办方宣布已签约精彩东欧GREAT EASTERN EUROPE 参展COTTM2019。精彩东欧GREAT EASTERN EUROPE 曾多次参展中国出境旅游交易会(COTTM),2019年4月15-17日,再次与您相约北京全国农业展览馆(新馆),展位号:334,欢迎前来洽谈合作!

The organizer of COTTM2019 (China Outbound Travel & Tourism 2019) announced officially that the GREAT EASTERN EUROPE has confirmed to participate in COTTM2019, The many times tparticipation of GREAT EASTERN EUROPE to attend COTTM and the GREAT EASTERN EUROPE will share new travel information and products in COTTM2019. Looking forward to meeting you again at their stand NO. 334. 

GREAT EASTERN EUROPE 成立于2008年,总部莫斯科,分部办公室设立于拉脱维亚,波兰,格鲁吉亚。从俄语国家地接开始逐年覆盖中东欧国家地接资源。酒店,导游,车,当地玩乐等目的地资源直采!多年来良好的本地资源沟通与协调为客户带来了超高性价比的价格和全面深化的目的地旅行,商务地接安排,获得广大客户的信赖与赞誉。产品&服务 1.公务出境,邀请函公务活动安排 2.国际展会,展商地面接待服务 3.特色定制,全域旅游资源供给。

GREAT EASTERN EUROPE Established in 2008, headquarters in Moscow, branch offices in Latvia, Poland, Georgia. From the Russian-speaking countries began to cover the Central and Eastern European countries to receive resources year by year. Hotels, tour guides, cars, local entertainment and other destination resources directly exploited! Over the years, good communication and coordination of local resources have brought customers high cost-effective prices and comprehensive deepening of destination travel, business arrangements, and won the trust and praise of customers. Products & Services 1. Official Exit, Invitation Letter Official Activities Arrangement 2. International Exhibition, Exhibitor Ground Reception Services 3. Customized features, global tourism resources supply.




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中国出境旅游交易会(COTTM)是由英国塔苏斯集团(Tarsus Group)2005年在中国创办组织,定位于中国出境旅游市场的B2B专业展览会。截至目前,COTTM已在北京成功举办了十四届。